Monday, 27 May 2013

Pic's of the last "week" & ETC.:)

Hi guys:),

I've browsed through soooo many different kind of blogs (beauty-/lifestyle-/etc. blogs) and found out, that Instagram is a HUGE thing in the blogger- & whole www-world:)! So I though, that I could make a collage about my last "WEEK-things" (which are for the whole month April! - it's quiet a bit better and unusual to make a Monthly Pic' collage as a weekly one:)) - as I've not an Instagram - as I've just an IPad, IPod & NO IPhone yet:( so here we go with my first "DIY-Instagram" collage:):

My lovely purple moccasin from Spain:), "Oh that's me!":) - Retro influenced makeup look, my natural lip color smile:), "YUUUUMY Galia melon" one of my fav' one!:), Oh some lovely N.Y.R. samples, just another YUMMMMY watermelon:), "Oh my "heels"!:)" the N.Y.R. Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish smells sooo good and it's sooo great to my skin - makes it softer too!:), 1st glass of fresh SanPellegrino Aranciata sparklin' limo water!:), freshly oven-baked thymian sweet potatoes

I've also tried to photograph my own two hands (left hand is left and the right one is right:)) and found out that each hand look really different - it's typical that a "lefty" like I'm work the whole life a bit more than with the right hand & so it looks a bit more "tired/exercised":

(The pic'/phrase in the middle DOESN'T belong to myself - it's from google/pinterest, the other two belong to me!)

You see that it's interesting that both hands are really differtn (O.K. we know, that each half of you/your body isn't/didn't look 100% the same BUT it's funny to see it on the pic':))

What I've watched/read or liked during April 2013:

(Marilyn by Andre De Dienes, Grease 2/Lucky One - Movies/DVD's, Cath Kidston paper tissues, Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti Dry Body Oil, my beloved Tangle Teezer, City of Style by Melissa Magsaysay)

I've tried out a new Anti-Cellulite body oil from Weleda too:) - which I'm absolutely satisfied with! as it smells fresh and natural and I just enjoy to apply it on my legs:)!

What Weleda says about their awesome beauty oil:

Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil is a unique combination of plant extracts and natural plant oils which visibly improve the skin's texture and smoothness by stimulating the body’s own regulating and regenerating processes. Natural essential oils support the toning effects of the other plant extracts, leaving the skin feeling and looking firm and supple whilst reducing the appearance of cellulite.

While using Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil twice daily over 28 days in combination with Weleda Birch Juice, the testers' skin was on average noticeably 35% firmer and skin elasticity improved by 20%.

Visible improvement of skin structure was recorded in 85% of cases, and testers' skin showed a healthy 20-25% increase in blood circulation/ microcirculation.

An earlier focus group also reported an encouraging measurable loss in thigh circumference when using Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil - an average of 3.95cm. 

What I've been thinking and seeing after using it daily for almost two weeks: 

I feel that my skin is more firmed and soft too - where I'm applying it (and I just used it on the parts where I think I could get more "Orange"/Cellulite points:)) Whether it's helping me to loss in measure I can't say, as I've not really a problematic skin on my whole body (just on my hands - where I've a kind of ekzem BUT just on my fingers:() and I also have a quiet thin figure so yep:)

I would definitely try it out again and use it for a while again - as I looove natural cosmetics and this one is another sparkle in my natural cosmetic collection:)!

Oh and I've tried out their brand new oat shampoo/hair mask:

What's my opinion about this new Oat hair care range by Weleda:

I pretty much enjoy using the Weleda Oat Regeneration Hair Mask/Treatment, which you apply on your fresh washed or wet hair and you just make a massage with a hazelnut size of this treatment in your hair and leave it for 5-10 minutes in it! You can also use it twice per week - which is fabulous for summer or during hot periods - as I've not really dry or damaged hair (this Oat range is made for such hair normally:)) I'm using it after taking a bath on a sunny day now or just if it's really hot and I'm afraid of getting a bit dryiness in it:)

The scent is lovely light and the texture is creamy with a light/pastell yellow shade. 

The shampoo has pretty much the same scent BUT a fluid/gel texture which has also a light/pastell yellow shade/undertone. It cleanses my hair good (as other shampoos I'm using too:)) but I wouldn't say, that my hair have a better/more moisturizing/healthier texture/look after I've been using it - so it's a nice and quality shampoo BUT not really a re-purchase for myself! But for dry hair it's really worth to try it out!:)

The Oat hair mask/treatment will stay my fav' and I'll definitely repurchase it after I'll use it up soon!:)

Now let me show you my fav' scene from one of my fav' movies "Arthur" with Rusell Brand:

And my fav' song of the last week was "Top Of The World" by Imagine Dragons:

I hope you've enjoyed my non-traditional kind of blogpost!:)


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